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Cartwright & Associates is a public and government affairs company with extensive experience in political strategy, legislation, governmental relations and communications at both state and federal levels.  The firm concentrates on affecting government policy for clients challenged by developing issues and focusing on program funding, appropriations and legislation for public sector and institutional clients.
Cartwright & Associates specializes in representing clients who require assistance in working with the U.S. Congress, the Executive Branch of the Federal Government and the White House, and targeted Governors and State Executive Agencies.
Federal Practice
Cartwright & Associates engages the Congress to help clients achieve legislative or policy goals.  We build powerful coalitions to support legislative goals and enhance communications with Federal Regulatory Agencies, Executive Branch Departments and the White House. 
State Practice
Cartwright & Associates maintains strong contacts within the Executive Office of the Governor and the offices of senior legislators in many states.  We have experience in incorporating state practice into comprehensive representation at the national level and in approaching states as independent entities. We have proudly represented Governors at the NGA and before the U.S. Congress and the White House.
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