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Cartwright & Associates has been successful on behalf of our clients in obtaining congressional appropriations, special federal legislative language and funding for the implementation of statewide programs.  Some examples of our achievements include:

  • Annual appropriations of $5 million to $7.5 million to support classified academic research for U.S. Navy operations FY 2011 - present.

  • Appropriations language establishing a Center of Excellence on toxic environmental exposure to conduct translational medical research and treatment for veterans and providing $7.5 million in FY 2021.

  • Secured a $7.9 million increase to NOAA Coral Reef programs for academic research FY21.

  • Annual report language providing research contracting preference for academic medical centers at Hispanic Serving Institutions through the Veterans Administration FY 18 - present.

  • Appropriations Report language expanding VA community treatment centers at Minority Serving Institutions - FY 21.

  • Reauthorization and reform of the EB5 Immigrant Investor Regional Center Program since 2000.

  • RESTORE Act – Legislative language mandating funding for oceanographic research, monitoring and restoration in legislation authorizing spending of $20 billion in fines from the Deep-water Horizons spill.

  • Annual Appropriations Language providing increased funding for Coral Reef Research though NOAA National Ocean Service program FY 2011 - present.  Maintaining annual appropriations earmarks totaling over $10 million through the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration for an oceanographic research institute 2000 - 2010.​  $2.2 million in FY2010 Appropriations for Coral Reef Research Institutes and language directing inclusion in future budget requests.  Continued funding in FY 11, FY 12 and FY 13.

  • $15 million federal stimulus grant to construct a new Coral Reef Research Center of Excellence 2010.

  • Reauthorization of EB5 Immigrant Investor program in FY 2010 Omnibus Appropriations Act.

  • $2 million FY 2010 University earmark to support Joint US Navy oceanographic research.

  • $250,000 FY 2009 and FY 2010 Medical School earmarks to support bio-medical research.


  • Securing legislative language providing a special exemption from federal environmental legislation that would force the closure of a $300 million mining and processing facility.


  • $100 million in energy tax credits to support high blends of ethanol fuel on behalf of the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition - 2006.


  • $8 million included in FY 07 House Energy and Water Appropriations Bill for Ethanol Fueling Infrastructure.


  • $2 Earmark million included in FY 07 appropriations for University facilities and research.


  • Increasing the President’s budget request for the clean up of the Paducah nuclear processing facility from $37 to $78 million a year for the Commonwealth of Kentucky FY 2000.


  • Including language in the Empowerment Zones legislation creating a special category for bi-state zones resulting in a $250 million federal grant for Camden, NJ.  


  • Securing appropriations earmarks for $5 million for an inner city hospital through VA, HUD and Independent, Agencies and Commerce Department appropriations.


  • Securing legislative language in the Labor, HHS, Education and Related Agencies Appropriations bill to earmark funds for a bi-state mental health demonstration project.


  • Obtaining $12 million for Camden, New Jersey parking and transportation facilities through the U. S. Department of Transportation.


  • Earmarking $1.5 Million to construct a new hospital trauma center heliport in federal transportation appropriations.


  • Earmarking $1.5 million for the construction of an African American Museum in federal transportation legislation.


  • Securing $1 million in construction funding to support a Theater renovation project through Commerce, Justice, State and the Judiciary Appropriations legislation. 


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